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With the introduction nationally of Direct Payments, the rest is history you might think. However, I have always felt that the most crucial criteria for a good Personal Assistant (PA) is the ‘relationship’ that you have between you. It is easy to teach a person to cook your favourite meal, but getting the relationship right is more tricky. Understanding what makes a good PA and how to make the relationship work is often about having good ground rules. Even though I am an experienced PA user, I am still learning, and I certainly still continue to have problems recruiting and managing staff.

Whilst there is a lot of support available from service user-led organisations, peer support at a national level is very scarce. Even at a local level, many peer-support groups have now closed due to lack of funding. I have therefore created this website to address the lack of peer support available to disabled people who employ our own Personal Assistants (PAs).

We aim to do this by sharing information based on the experiences of disabled people who employ our own PAs, and by providing a safe forum to discuss/share ideas. It is very important to appreciate that there is no ONE correct way of working with PAs. We all have our different approaches and we must respect and value this. However, we can all learn from and support each other to become better employers and to have a better relationship with our PAs.

NB: The website is for disabled people who employ PAs however they are funded – it is NOT just for disabled people who are receiving Direct Payments or Individual Budgets from the local authority.

If you would like to join us a member please fill in the form on the link below and return it to the address given.